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Question:  What is Title I?

Title I is a part of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB). This act provides federal funds through the Georgia Department of Education to local education agencies (LEAs) and public schools.  The purpose of Title I is to ensure that all children have the opportunity to obtain a high quality education and reach proficiency on challenging state academic standards and assessments.  

Question:  What is a Schoolwide Program School?

The purpose of Schoolwide Title I programs is to improve the entire educational program in a school which should result in improving the academic achievement of all students,particularly the lowest achieving students.  A schoolwide program school may use Title I funds to upgrade the school's entire educational program, rather than to target services only on identified children.

Question:  How can I determine if my child is being served by a qualified professional?

According to the No Child Left Behind statute, parents may request information about the professional qualifications of their child's teacher(s).  A parent may request any of the following:

·   Certification;

·   College major/graduate certification or degree held by the teacher;

·   Qualifications of the paraprofessional, if paraprofessional services are provided.

If you wish to request information concerning your child’s teacher’s qualifications, please contact the principal of the appropriate school.

Additional Information:
Any individual, organization, or agency (“complainant”) may file a complaint with Union County School System if that individual, organization, or agency believes and alleges that the school system is violating a Federal statue or regulation that applies to a program under the No Child Left Behind Act.  The complaint must allege a violation that occurred not more than one (1) year prior to the date the complaint is received, unless a longer period is reasonable because the violation is considered systemic or ongoing.

Federal Programs Complaint Procedure & Form