UCPS Daily Attendance

Georgia's compulsory attendance law requires that all children at least 6 years old and under the age of 16 attend school on a daily basis (i.e. public, private, or a home study program.)

Accepted Excused Absences

1. Attendance in school that would endanger a student's health or the health of others and/or a student's personal illness.

2. A serious illness or death in a student's immediate family necessitating absence from school. Immediate family is defined as father, mother, sister, brother, child, spouse, grandparent, legal guardian, or other relative living in the same residence of the student.

3. A court order or an order by a governmental agency, including pre-induction physical examinations for service in the armed forces, mandating absence from school.

4. Observing religious holidays, necessitating absence from school.

5. Conditions rendering attendance impossible or hazardous to student health or safety.

6. Registering to vote or voting, for a period not to exceed one day.

7. Time spent with parent or legal guardian prior to the parent's/guardian's military deployment to or leave from duty in a combat zone or a combat support posting, not to exceed 5 days.

For the above absences to be considered excused, students are required to furnish a written note within 3 school days containing the following information:

Student's first and last name.

Number of days and date(s) of absence.

Specific reason for absence.

Parent or physician signature. (In some cases a physician's note will be required.)


Excuse notes received after the 3rd school day will not be accepted and the absence will be unexcused.

If a student leaves before or arrives after 11:30 am, he/she will be considered absent, however this absence may also be excused with a physician's note.

Tardiness and Early Checkouts

A "Tardy" to school and an "Early Checkout" will be unexcused if:

1. The tardy or early checkout is not for one of the "Excused Absences" listed in the Handbook.

2. A written parent/doctor note is not submitted within three (3) school days of the tardy or early checkout.

Required notes received after the 3rd school day will not be accepted. For the purpose of determining truancy, two (2) unexcused tardies or early checkouts, or a combination of the two will equal one unexcused absence. For complete details, please refer to the Parent/Student Handbook.